The Multidisciplinary Resilience Research Center was established by Tel-Hai College and Mashabim, to serve as an address for researchers in Israel and abroad for comprehensive academic research on the many aspects of resilience from the perspective of varied scientific disciplines.
On this site you will find information about upcoming events (such as conferences, one-day seminars and workshops), funding opportunities, staff publications and relevant additional information on the field of resilience. 

Call for Papers 2015

Published at: 09/12/2015
MRRC invites staff from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities from Tel-Hai College to submit proposals for a “research group”
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The Research Center invites international collaborations to create research groups and submit applications for international and multidisciplinary research grants.

Conferences and One-Day Seminars

Research Centers

International Collaborations

The Research Center operates according to research groups by topic – internal organizations based on varied fields within which research is conducted, mostly collaborative efforts between a number of researchers together with staff from Tel-Hai College.
The Research Center initiates international conferences, workshops for researchers from Israel and abroad, as well as regional and national one-day seminars on a broad array of topics, including: degrees of resilience, community and welfare, economics and entrepreneurship, education, and more.
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